" LOVE7BOUTIQUE originated from my love & passion for fashion, my confidence in being bold, & stepping out of the ordinary. Creating a platform for fashion lovers who dare 2 be different has always been a dream of mine. After experiencing my own health issues with PCOS & birth control being the only solution. I decided i had to take my health and healing into my own hands Naturally, which led me to creating LOVE7COSMETICS. My Herbal formulations have helped me and i wanted to share with women who are dealing with the same issues bringing awareness and showing people that we can heal ourselves naturally and not relying on the pharmaceuticals. 

I decided to further my knowledge and get a better understanding of the skin and how it works so i can formulate efficient products. June 13, 2022 i took a leap of faith and started Esthetics school. Gaining a passion for full body waxing, facials, brows, and body treatments. October 2023 i officially became a Licensed Esthetician in the state of Georgia. January 2024 I created LOVE7SKYN and started providing services. So i curated an online presence with all of my passions in one space offering a one stop stop where Beauty x Fashion x Cosmetics meet.

Love7Boutique strongly believes in quality services, merchandise, & providing a safe space for everyone.

The Name Love7Boutique was chosen in honor of my 6 nieces and 1 nephew who inspire me to be successful & to never give up on my dreams." -CEO Niecey J.


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